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Planet Armory Sales is one of the most completed online stores for hunters, and gun enthusiasts in local security weapons. We’ve got guns for security and firearms for hunting. In case you are a hunter, we’ve got plenty of interesting hunting firearms and a large variety of ammunitions and re-loaders. Is a firearm not your thing? we’ve also got bows and arrows for old-school hunting fans. Just visit our store and place your order today! A 10% Discount  has been issued for all  first orders on our store with fast delivery. Our agents are always available 24/7.


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Primers are small metal cups filled with high explosive compounds. The primer is stuck by the hammer or firing pin, and when struck it ignites. When the Pignites, it shoots a high-intensity flame through the flash hole (hole between primer pocket and case interior) which ignites the powder charge. Primers are typically sold in packs of 100, or bricks of 1000 (10 packs of 100).

Pistol primers side by side: 44 magnum (large pistol primer) and 357 magnum (small pistol primer)

Reloading primers 

These last couple of years have been difficult for reloaders. The shortage of bullets, primers, and powder has made it difficult or impossible for some to reload. This can be extremely frustrating. I’ve read posts online from individuals that have purchased reloading presses, and have had to wait 6 months or longer for the consumables needed to start loading. Bummer! 

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Furthermore, They fire fast and accurately no matter what. Federal is a good company that makes good quality primers. These primers go through several rounds of tough testing to make sure that their quality and sensitivity are always the same, no matter what the weather is like. Made carefully with high-quality materials, these primers in stock go beyond the range to help you shoot accurate bullets.

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More, online ammo store that sells ammo has sp primers, large pistol primers, small rifle primers, and large rifle primers for sale. The best place to buy primers is at the Planet armory sales. Also, We sell primers from many different brands, such as CCI, Winchester, Fiochi, Federal Premium, and many more. You can’t walk into our online shop without seeing your favorite brand of primer.  buy primers online.

CCI  pistol primers in stock

Lastly, Shop the best selection of reloading primers from top reloading brands, including CCI, Federa, and Winchester in stock.


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Shop our selection of low-cost primers from reputable manufacturers like Winchester, Federal, and Remington. Find primers for handgun, rifle, pistol, and rimfire cases among well-known and dependable manufacturers. We have shotgun primers, small rifle primers, large rifle primers, and small pistol primers. save money


Reloading Primers and Reloading supplies in stock now for a limited time only. Planet Armory Sales invests critical energy in mass measures of ammunition reloading preparations. Shop our sensible preparations from accepted brands like Winchester, Federal, and Remington. Investigate the brands you know and trust, and find presentations for handgun, weapon, and rimfire cases. Whether you are making ammo for hunting or for a challenge, we have shotgun fundamentals and little rifle preparations in mass sums and moreover Winchester 209 primers, gigantic foundations, little rifle foundations, CCI 41 foundations, little firearm starters, huge weapon, coat metal 9mm, regulatory 210 fundamentals, Fiocchi primers, Remington primers, Stock up as of now! preparations are accessible today.

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Reloading powder is accessible as smokeless powder and dark powder. Smokeless powder is generally ordinarily utilized for shotshell and metallic reloading, while dark powder is utilized for muzzleloading guns and dark powder cartridge rifles. Continuously make certain to follow the producer’s heap information. Groundworks are accessible in various sizes and types.

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The need to shop and buy the best shooting gear from reputable manufacturers in one location was driving people insane in this nation. We made the decision to take action by creating high-performance ammo that anyone may use in their pistol. buy ammunition online. Our website serves as a one-stop shop for purchasing pistol ammo, rifle rounds, and bulk primers, in addition to the top brands you know and trust. fast shipping

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